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What to Expect from an
A'nS Inspection

  • To receive an overall evaluation of the property. You will know as much as possible about the property you are buying.
  • To have a list of deficiencies. The dreaded surprises will be eliminated or greatly reduced. 
  • To receive valuable care and maintenance tips about your new home.
All inspections use ASHI's Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics as a minimum.

What you will Receive with an
A'nS Inspection

  • A detailed, easy to use eleven page written report on your home and it's systems. Copies will be provided for your agent.
  • Free - The Best Home Owner's Manual on the market today. This manual has architecturally correct and engineered drawings, charts, graphs and detailed answers to any question you might have about your new home.
Everything is put into perspective. We are not alarmists. We try to educate home buyers that the "perfect" building has not been built, and if the building has deficiencies, they should look at them in perspective and know what the norm is for the building.

What is the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and Who Belongs?

ASHI is the oldest and most widely recognized non-profit professional association for home inspectors. ASHI's "Standards of Practice" serve as the home inspectors performance guideline, and are universally recognized and accepted by professionals and government authorities. ASHI's Code of Ethics prohibits members from engaging in conflict of interest activities, which may compromise their objectivity. Copies of the Standards  and Code will be in your Home Owner's Manual or are available free from ASHI.
Full Members of ASHI are independent professional home inspectors, who have met the most rigorous technical and experience requirements in the industry. ASHI members must pass two written technical examinations and must have performed a minimum of  250 professional fee-paid home inspections. ASHI members are required to obtain continuing education credits in order to keep current with the latest building technology, materials and professional skills.
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