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(Wood Destroying Insects)

There are many insects that attack wood. Most attack trees and other woody plants. While these are of importance to the ornamental industry, they are of little concern to the pest control industry since they do not attack structural timbers.  When the A'nS Inspector comes to inspect your home, he will be knowledgeable as to which insects are destructive to wood (Termites, Carpenter Ants, Old House Borers, Powder Post Beetles), and which insects do little damage, and are only in the wood temporarily, (Bark Beetles, Horntails and Warf  Borers) and what insects are commonly found in buildings. It is, therefore, important to correctly identify the insects involved so that appropriate control measures can be recommended. Since we are most often asked about termites,  the following is a little information about termites:

Termite Biology

Termites are social insects.  They live together in nests and have various types of individuals which perform various social functions for the colony.  Different castes exist in the termite colony. Individuals which are morphologically and functionally different from other individuals in a colony make up a caste.  Three castes are commonly found in most termite colonies.  There are:
  • The reproductive caste consists of the queen (female), the king (male) termites, as well as, any supplemental reproductive termites.
  • The worker caste are those termites making up the majority of the individuals in a subterranean termite colony.  The workers usually consist of both males and females.  They are wingless, usually without compound eyes or ocelli, and usually unpigmented and thus whitish in color.
  • The soldier caste is the caste who functions as the defense of the colony.  Soldiers of the Eastern Subterranean Termite are easily recognized by their large heads and mandibles. 
  • Recent studies have shown that colonies may consist of over 3 million individuals and can forage over 11,000 square feet.

Before you take delivery on your new home, make sure it is inspected by a trained and certified inspector and a member of the PENNSYLVANIA PEST CONTROL ASSOCIATION, INC.
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