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Thorough explanation of the inspector. He took time to be sure we understood everything.
Clark & Cheryl DeVere
I appreciated the time our inspector took during the inspection. He explained all aspects of the inspection in great detail and made good recommendations. Kelly Sloane
Our inspector was extremely knowledgeable, professional and courteous. In my opinion money couldn't buy a better inspector. Chris Aymer
The inspector was a great guy, He really explained everything so we could understand it!  Nicole & James Snyder
The inspector was extremely knowledgeable, very honest and sincere. He was detail oriented and explained everything thoroughly. He addressed any concerns we expressed! Falynn Trayer
Our inspector took the time to go over everything. It was a lot more involved than I was expecting. "He" acted as if he was buying the house. Ray Coffey
The inspector's patience with our questions and willingness to explain every inspection item. The "Home Reference Book" is amazing! FIRST RATE SERVICE.
Gary and Lisa Kosinuk
The time with you for the house inspection was most informative. You are an impressive man. Very professional and very engaging. I learned many little tidbits from you both in word and action. Thanks for helping to make this new venture of mine, pleasant. Samuel Houser
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